Vesicare is a urinary antispasmodic and the generic name of Vesicare is Solifenacin. It is used in reducing muscle spasms of urinary track and spasms of bladder. Overactive bladder is a medical condition treated with Vesicare and the symptoms of such medical conditions are Frequent Urination or urine leakage. Vesicare may also be used for other medications. Vesicare is marketed by Astellas and marketed jointly by GlaxoSmithKline.
According to the Pharmacokinetic data, Vesicare has a half life of 45 to 68 hours and with renal excretion. It has a bioavailability of 90% and has 98% of Protein Binding. Vesicare is muscarinic acetylcholine receptor antagonist. The Acetylcholine binds with these receptors, like M3 Receptors which play a very important role in smooth muscles contraction. This causes muscle spasms and It is used to control or prevent the binding of Acetylcholine to the receptors, Vesicare reduces smooth muscle tone in the bladder, which in turn allows the bladder to retain urine in larger volumes thus preventing urgency and incontinence.

Precautions When Taking Vesicare: Please do not take this medication if you have hypersensitivity to it. If you have urinary retention, uncontrolled Glaucoma, Gastric retention or severe liver malfunction, please avoid taking Vesicare and if you have Long QT syndrome, it mandatory not to take Vesicare. If you have stomach block or intestine blocks, please avoid taking Buy Vesicare.
If you get overheated or dehydrated, then Vesicare may lead you to heat stroke because of decrease in perspiration. Vesicare has a greater tendency for affecting our reactions and vision. So while driving be alert and also be careful for the entire things you do which requires proper attention.
If you have any of the above said conditions, a dosage adjustment and special tests may be required to take Vesicare Online Safely. According to Food and Drug administration agency, Pregnancy category is C. There are chances for Vesicare medication to harm an unborn baby. It's mandatory to inform the doctor if you are pregnant or planning to be pregnant. Buy Vesicare Online impact on Breast milk is unknown yet, but it could harm a nursing baby. It is also mandatory to inform the doctor before taking Vesicare medication if you are breast feeding.

Vesicare Usage: Like all the other medications, Buy Vesicare should also be taken under prescription of a registered medical practitioner only. Take the Vesicare medication according to the prescription and don't increase to larger amount or smaller amount. Vesicare should be taken with water compulsorily and it can be taken without regarding food. Do not take overdose of Vesicare, and if you think you have taken overdose, immediately concern a doctor. Symptoms of overdose may be stomach pain or less urination or zero urination.

Side Effects Of Vesicare: If you are allergic to Vesicare Online you may have some of these side effects like swelling, breathing difficulty etc. Some of the serious side effects of Buy Vesicare are: dry skin, hot skin, severe stomach pain, contisipation for more than 3 days, pain while urinating, burning sensation while urination, urinating less, serious itching, breathing trouble, tract infection.
Less Serious side effects of Buy Vesicare Online medication are: dry eyes, blurred vision, mild stomach upset, dizziness, sore throat, flu symptoms.
There may be other side effects to because of Vesicare. Please inform your doctor if you find some adverse reactions with Vesicare, which are bothersome.